Doppstadt AK 310 EcoPower


The Doppstadt high speed grinder AK 310 EcoPower has a lot to offer in terms of process and cost efficiency. At work, the grinder presents itself as a versatile all-around solution for a variety of grinding jobs, including; green waste, garden and park waste as well as all things wooden such as stem and root wood, old growth, and wood pallets.

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The AK 310 EcoPower boasts a compact six-cylinder in-line engine of the MTU 1000 series and includes a high-quality fine-grinding basket of selectable mesh sizes between 30 and 320 mm.



  • Compact construction, contaminant-restistant
  • Ideal for smaller facilities
  • free-swinging flails of the flail drum (gyrating mass appr. 1,3 t (2,866 lb) are provided with easily individual replaceable flail tips that can be adjusted to the materials to be grinded.
  • Easy maintenance
  • One-man operation
  • Quick refitting for other materials


The universal grinders of the Doppstadt AK series process green waste, yard  waste, biowaste, pre-shredded logs and roots, waste wood and wooden  pallets. For special applications, the AK grinders can be combined with  other Doppstadt products, such as shredders or screening machines.