At Blue we offer Doppstadts world renowned range of industrial shredders which are designed using precision German engineering to produce the very best quality machinery. The shredders are ideal for shredding green waste, residual waste and wood and timber waste as well as for general wood shredding.  This means Doppstadt shredders can be utilised within a variety of industries including waste to energy, composting, wood processing and waste recycling.

Doppstadt's robust shredders include the high speed AK Range, which shred the timber and other materials by means of a flail drum, the slow speed DW Range or combination of both which is labled the DZ series. With this extensive choice, Doppstadt can offer the right shredder for your application

As the market leaders globally for shredding equipment, Doppstadt also produce a wide range of other equipment tailored to applications for the production of Refuse Derived Fuel(RDF), Biomass for Energy, volume reduction and recycling.

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Product Listings

Doppstadt AK High Speed

Doppstadt AK high speed shredders are extremely versatile and can be used for the fine shredding of a wide variety of materials from green waste to wood waste including pallets and demolition wood.  The unique quick changing basket design enables output size to change from 40 to 280 mm within a few minutes, offering versatility to the end user.

Doppstadt AK High Speed

The Doppstadt AK 235 high speed shredder is the smallest of Doppstadt AK range. As with the larger scale shredders in the range, the Doppstadt AK 235 is fitted with a state of the art technology such as a patented load-sensing material feed.

Thanks to the heavy gyrating mass, the flail drum with appr. 1200 rpm and the free-swinging flail holders with replaceable flail tips, this grinder is unrivalled. The quickly replaceable high speed shredding system is unique and the final product can be changed in less than 15 minutes.

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Doppstadt AK 235

The Doppstadt AK 510 K BioPower shredder is an extremely versatile tracked machine suited to shredding a wide variety of materials including wood waste, processing green waste and other fine shredding applications.

The Doppstadt AK 510 wood shredder is capable of a high throughput rate and is fitted with a patented load-sensing material feed.

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Doppstadt AK 510 Bio Power

Performance and economy sometimes go hand in hand. This is definitely the case with the powerful high-speed grinder AK 560 EcoPower. Although the motor can make do with modest diesel consumption it constantly provides 530 horsepower.

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Doppstadt AK 560 EcoPower

The AK 560 EcoPower Plus is a 3 axle machine offering increased power with less fuel consumption. Fault diagnostics can be undertaken via GPS on this machine

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Doppstadt AK 560 EcoPower Plus

The Doppstadt AK 635 K is a tracked machine and the most powerful machine in the high speed shredder range.  Suited to all high speed shredding tasks, The machine has a 4m feeding hopper and 7m long discharge conveyor for extensive stockpiling.

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Doppstadt AK 635

This machine is fitted with a 6m wide feeding hopper as well as a 7m long discharge conveyor, The SA 635 SA offers excellent processing capabilities on green, yard and wood waste.

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Doppstadt AK 635 SA

Doppstadt DW Slow Speed

Doppstadt DW shredders work on the single-shaft principle with hydraulically controlled shredding comb which ideally suited for the most difficult shredding tasks.

Thanks to various, quickly replaceable tools, the DW shredders can be adjusted to the different shredding tasks in minimal time. Doppstadt's DW slow speed shredders are renowned for their exceptional build quality, high product quality in the production of biomass and substitute fuels and for the volume reduction of a variety of waste materials including skip waste, green waste, wood waste as well as industrial waste. These industrial mobile shredders are also idea for shredding municipal waste for RDF and the production of energy from waste. Doppstadt DW shredders are versatile, robust and extremely cost effective.

Doppstadt DW Slow Speed

The INVENTHOR Type 9 is the largest mobile slow-speed grinder made by Doppstadt. A machine destined to set new quality standards in the entire grinding process.

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Doppstadt Inventor Type 9

The DW 2060 E has a single shaft and uses a hydraulic shredding comb. This incredibly powerful combination means this mobile shredder can handle even the most demanding shredding challenges.

Designed on the single-shaft principle with hydraulically controlled shredding comb for machinery protection, this Doppstadt slow speed shredder offers a robust solution with exceptional flexibility on materials to be processed.

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Doppstadt DW 2060 E

A tracked, compact machine that is fast and simple: The roller can be changed quickly and easily and output rates can increase up to levels typically reserved for high-speed shredding machines.

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Doppstadt DW 2060 K

This robust 3-axle-trailer performs even under the most adverse circumstances working with unmatched efficiency and diligence. Thanks to the one-of-a-kind QuickChange system on the Type F, the roller can be changed in no time at all, without the cumbersome and time-consuming setup of gearbox and support. The same goes for the counter blade which you can change entirely without tools.

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Doppstadt DW 3060 Type F

The DW 3060 Type F BioPower offers output rates typically reserved for high-speed mobile shredders. Due to its unique QuickChange system, the roller can be changed in no time at all, without the often troublesome and time-consuming setup of gearbox and support. This is also the case for the counter blade which can be changed entirely without tools, and safely due to its location outside the machine To avoid feeding problems when using smaller sized teeth, the roller’s diameter has been enlarged to 800mm.

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Doppstadt DW 3060 Type F Bio

The slow-speed shredder DW 3060 K Type F is a tracked machine incorporating a powerful chain chassis that keeps the machine going, no matter how challenging the application

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Doppstadt DW 3060 K Type F

The Doppstadt DW 3060 Type F BioPower is a revolutionary first of its kind slow speed shredder. It has been designed on the single-shaft principle to enable greater volume reduction at minimal wear cost. The machine is driven by an extra strong power unit and solves all shredding tasks with maximum efficiency.

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Doppstadt DW 3060 K Type F Bio

A 3 m long roller rotating at 25 rpm and a variety of additional equipment, e.g. magnets for ferrous separation, make the DW 3080 K3 the best solution for a large range of shredding tasks

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Doppstadt DW 3080

Doppstadt DZ Combination

The Doppstadt DZ 750 kombi shredder offers a unique combination of pre-shredding and grinding in one single machine.

The high capacity and robust Doppstadt DZ 750 is a one of a kind shredder which is ideally suited to high volume wood recyclers.

The Pre-shredding or slow speed element is carried out by the sound single-shaft principle and the hydraulically controlled shredding comb used in the Doppstadt DW range.

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Doppstadt DZ 750