Powerscreen Warrior 1400X

The Powerscreen Warrior 1400X is the refreshed version of the original Warrior 1400 which was arguably the most commonly used mobile screening machine in the world.

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The new Powerscreen Warrior 1400X is the midsize model in the Warrior range and has been specifically designed for the medium end user for whom versatility and transportability are of key importance.  The Warrior 1400X is a multi-purpose heavy duty incline 2 deck screen, capable of stockpiling, 3 way splitting or scalping before and after crushing units, with a capacity of upto 400tph.  Depending upon the application, the highly aggressive screen can be fitted with bofor bars, finger screens, woven mesh and punch plate.


  • Output potential up to 400 tph
  • Rigid hopper with improved skirting sealing and spillage protection. Rigid hopper increases set-up time.
  • Hopper extensions now available factory fitted and hydraulically operated (option).
  • Increased screening range of 13 - 19°.
  • Improved screen serviceability. Screen raise facility extends 1m for excellent access.
  • Improved collection conveyor cleaning system.
  • Elimination of side conveyor feedboot discharge paddles meaning quicker set-up times.
  • Easier and more intuitive folding and unfolding procedure.
  • On-board screen box drive maintaining the flexibility of the v-belt system.
  • Folding tail conveyor with superior discharge height.
  • Chassis riser available for an increase of 300mm on all conveyor discharge heights (optional).
  • On-board reversible side conveyors (easily reversed with no additional part requirements).
  • On-board 2WS conversion.
  • Faster tracking with two speeds available.
  • Tail conveyor supported from below allowing for a free and unobstructed oversize path.
  • More accessible powerunit.


  • Scalping
  • Stockpiling
  • Aggregates
  • 3 way split