Doppstadt SM 414 K

The SM 414 K is highly diverse and compact, therefore can be used for different types of screening jobs at different places, making it a perfect machine for a small-sized construction company or contractor. Topsoil, gravel, sand, compost oder bark – whatever material needs to be processed, the SM 414 K works diligently, efficiently and with great reliability.

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The SM 414 K is very versatile as the trommel can be quickliy changed to process different material types. Futhermore, the SM 414 K is configured for two-fraction screening. However, the machine can produce up to four fractions in a single process with the help of the large particles separation units and magnets, available separately.

With a maximum transportation width of 2.5 m and a quick set up time, the SM 414 K can be transported to various loctations in a matter of minutes.



  • Feeding hopper with 3 m³ holding capacity.
  • 5m long discharging transport belts (optional).
  • Trommel changing in 15 minutes, no tools needed.
  • Cable remote control for easy machine maneuvering.
  • Compact dimensions, extremly mobile, good traction capability on any surface.


SM 414 K happily accepts waste and raw materials of all types for screening. It is equally suitable for compost, earths, light construction waste, wood, biomass, sand, and gravel.