HS 401 Star Screen

The system is suited to a wide range of input materials.  The slow speed pre-shreds the material, for example waste wood, where it is then fed to the HS 401 Selector.  This separates the unwanted oversize material from the finished fraction. An integrated conveyor returns any over sized to pre-shredder to be shredded once again. This ensures a perfect final material, reduces dust and offers a lower running cost than a high speed shredder.

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Combined with the pre-shredder DW 3060 Type F the HS 401 Selector is a safe bet for the screening of many types of wooden biomass waste and raw material. It is equally suitable for pre-shredded biomass out of wood waste, green waste, stumps and roots.


  • Simple, robust construction, no electrics, powered by pre-shredder via additional hydraulic connection 70 l/min
  • Integrated conveyor returns oversize material to pre-shredder
  • Defined fine fraction, variable mesh size by way of rpm adjustment or quick change of screening deck
  • Compact tranport dimensions, short set-up time for transport and operational readiness
  • Low operational costs, minimum production costs per ton of final product