Doppstadt SM Star 1200


The new Doppstadt SM 1200 is a revolutionary new powerful star screen. With 2 separate screening decks dividing the material in 3 different fractions, the SM 1200 star screen is a extremely efficient working on a number of different materials.

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The regular rotation of the star elements loosens, recirculates and transports the material.  By means of different star shaft speeds the material can be torn apart.  Then, the coarse, medium and fine fraction are discharged by 3 separate conveyors.  With more than 13 m² total screening surface the Doppstadt SM 1200 Triflex achieves exceptionally high throughput rates.

Additionally Doppstadt have designed a star screen module which can be used with the ever popular SM 620 machine.  This gives users the versatility to utilise their SM 620 as either a trommel screen with a drum or as a star screen with the star module.  This can be easily changed in under 30 minutes, offering users maximum versatility with the one machine.


  • The throughput capacity is not even reduced in case of wet material.
  • The grain size of the fines can be determined by different star sizes and different speeds.
  • compact dimensions, high screening capacity
  • low noise
  • wide range of possible applications: biomass, wood (pre-shredded), compost etc.
  • The separated materials are highly pure.
  • Additional equipment* such as windsifters, magnetic separators or vibrating screen extend the range of application.
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to large protection doors and centralized lubrication points.


  • Compost
  • Wood
  • Waste
  • Frag Metal