Doppstadt DH 811 K


The DW 811 K turns all types of wood into high-quality wood chips. The machine is suited for any forrestal environment and can be easily loaded by crane or excavator. 

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The DW 811 K is a precision chipper boasts a closed chipping drum - The precise chip size can be quickly adjusted to your requirements, by just selecting the suitable screening basket.

This machine can also provide your firm with flexibility, thanks to its superstructure which is mounted on a two-axle trailer and can revolve 270 degrees, therefore the machine can be operated in any timber yard and transported easily.

The powerful, 530 HP strong MTU 6R 1300 engine delivers a efficient and robust performance.



  • Robust track-mounted chassis
  • Variable infeed speed
  • High rotor weight of the closed, robust chipping drum ensures¬† constant rotation speed and evenly-shaped wood chips
  • Thrower driven directly by the rotor for efficient chipping and long distance throwing
  • Chipping knifes with overload protection
  • Changeable screens for various sizes of wood chips
  • Compact dimensions for easy transport on flatbed truck, high mobility and structural stability in barely passable surroundings


The precision chippers of the DH 811 series process wood slabs, log and industrial wood to diferent sizes of wood chips. The machines can handle trunk diameters up to 800 mm temporary.