Static Material Handlers

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Due to their bespoke design, all Terex Fuchs AHL can be tailor made to your needs, enabling different configurations to suit the specific application.  Depending on the type of installation, the loading and viewing heights are individually adjustable to suit the project, with the base plate and pylons variable.

For optimum efficiency with minimal costs, all static material handlers are fitted with an electronic power pack.  As material handlers used in recycling or scrap are deployed for the most part to feed processing equipment such as waste systems, shredders, scrap shears or presses, the electrical power supply available at such facilities can usually be utilized to power the AHL handler.

Electricity powered machines offer a wide range of benefits.  Firstly, the relatively higher costs to run and maintain a diesel engine and the necessary cooling unit are removed.  Maintenance costs arising from the use of the electrical unit are much lower, as neither engine oil nor coolant requires monitoring or refilling.   Additionally, electrical power is more environment friendly, as it does not give off emissions or noise

The standard main drive provides an output of 110 kW, which is exclusively available for hydraulic functions
Ergonomics and occupational safety, in conjunction with operator comfort are central to the Terex Fuchs cab design.  Optimal visibility is assured with its specifically designed panoramic windows.  This visibility coupled by the colour multifunctional display provides an overview of all important operating data, giving the operator all necessary information to go about their work in a safe and efficient manner.