Fuchs MHL 390

Always ready for the toughest of challenges The Terex Fuchs MHL 390 is the largest material handler in the range with unparalleled characteristics - an operating weight of up to 87 tonnes, a reach of 24.5 meters and a powerful 300kW engine.

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Flexible, mobile and extremely powerful, the MHL 390 is the material handler of choice for the ever changing demands of modern port logistics.  Unlike the traditional stationary gantry or cable cranes, this fully mobile material handler takes minimal time to travel around the quayside.  The powerful hydraulics and the superior stability ensure swift yet precise loading manoeuvres even at higher loads.  For versatility, a variety of attachments can be quickly changed to suit the application

To ensure optimal visibility into the area where the material has to be deposited, the cab is fitted with panoramic windows and can be raised smoothly upwards to a height of 8.7 meters and forwards by 2.2 meters.  Whether loading or unloading ships, storage facilities, heavy goods vehicles or railway carriages, the outstanding operating position and sensitive, highly responsive interface, guarantee precise goods handling at high volume.  These outstanding characteristics ensure that the Terex Fuchs MHL 390 successfully negotiates the transition from traditional port logistics to modern materials handling operations.