Fuchs MHL 350

The Terex Fuchs MHL 350E really is the stand out material handler for the scrap industry and here is why - an operating weight of up to 37.5 tonnes, a reach of 16 meters and a solid undercarriage which is 3 meters wide giving unparalleled performance  

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The newly released Fuchs 350 E series has many upgrades to further improve the performance of the hugely successful D version.  Not only does the engine fully conform to the Tier 4(i) legislations without impacting performance, but the E series is now significantly more fuel efficient.  Further improvements include a new state of the art display screen, improved height and range monitor aswell as a more maintenance friendly design.

The new high output 160 kW turbo diesel engine and the highly efficient powerful dual circuit hydraulic system ensure that even heavier loads are handled with precision and speed.  Aswell as its renowned robustness and state of the art technology, attention to detail in operator comfort and safety are further advantages which are standard on this highly spec'd machine.

The new multi-functional full colour display panel on the MHL 350E instantly provides the operator with an overview of all important data and the controls are ergonomically and clearly arranged.   The height-adjustable cab, comfortable seat and large panoramic windows guarantees complete surveillance for the operator.