Fuchs MHL 340

The leader in Materials Handling The world renowned MHL 340 from Terex Fuchs really is the leader when it comes to all round material handling. 

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Equally at home in the fast moving recycling environment or in the rugged heavy duty scrap yard, the Terex Fuchs MHL 340D offers unparalleled performance.

Built for rock solid stability and exceptional performance, this material handler has a robust boom design to ensure safety in the most extreme situations.   The dual circuit hydraulic configuration with low power dissipation ensure that slewing cycles are as powerful and swift as they are precise.

As well as its robustness, the Fuchs MHL 340 boasts a powerful and cost efficient turbo diesel engine with a high performance cooling system that typifies its technical excellence.   Safety is paramount in such environments, therefore all controls are located inside the hydraulically adjustable cab, with state of the art digital displays and panoramic windows ensuring that the operator is always firmly in control.