FQC Machines


Always ready for the toughest of challenges The Terex Fuchs MHL 380 is the largest material handler in the range with unparalleled characteristics - an operating weight of up to 67 tonnes, a reach of 21 meters and a 273kW engine.

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The Quick Connect system is based on leakage free quick connect couplings which, with the help of a hydraulic locking device, can be connected to each other with no loss of oil and minimal wear.  All connections are protected against shocks and contamination; the robust design of the unit made up of stick and Quick Connect coupling ensures mechanically stability.  Sensors verify correct positioning and secure locking when connecting and disconnecting and relay the information directly to the operator cab.

The Fuchs Quick Connect system maximizes efficiency, enabling a single machine to carry out a whole range of tasks with very short changeover times.  It also adds considerably to safety.  The operator no longer needs to leave the cab to change the tools.

For example the multi-purpose stick with grab or the stick with magnetic plate can be exchanged for a scrap shear in less than a minute by the operator from inside the cab, minimising downtime and increasing productivity