Fuchs Spares


1 Hydraulics

From main Terex Fuchs components such as hydraulic pumps, swing motors, travel motors, cylinders, valve blocks, oil coolers, rotating joints, to individual internal components such as gears, bearings, seals, rods, pistons, solenoids, hoses, couplings, fittings, Blue Fuchs have access to a comprehensive stock of Fuchs spare parts to keep the hydraulic system in peak condition.


2 Electricals

Be it the Terex Fuchs main management module or a sensor, switch, diode, relay or fuse, Blue Fuchs can supply the parts to keep the electrical system working.


3 Engine

Blue Fuchs carry an extensive list of Deutz and Perkins engine components such as filters, gaskets, belts, turbochargers, starters, alternators, water pumps, oil coolers, fuel pumps, solenoids, sensors, radiators, air cleaners, fans and other parts required to keep your engine running and maintain optimal performance.


4 Undercarriage

To keep your Terex Fuchs machine moving, Blue Fuchs can supply a full range of axle parts, wheels, tyres, gearbox components, steering linkage, slew rings, stabiliser rams and wear parts.


5 Uppercarriage

All Terex Fuchs body panels, bonnets, steps, exhaust system parts, magnet generator systems, fuel and oil tank parts, central lubrication components, paint, decals can all be supplied by Blue Fuchs keep your machine looking like new.


6 Cab

Blue Fuchs offer a comprehensive range of replacement cab glass, window washer and wiper components, handles, locks, hinges, mirrors, beacons, lighting, heater and air conditioning parts, seats, controls, to make the operators experience a pleasant one inside their Terex Fuchs material handler.

Working Equipment

7 Working Equipment

All Terex Fuchs Booms, dippers, pins, bushes, shims, hoses, quick release couplings, pipes, fittings, auto lubrication parts, are all available from stock here at Blue Fuchs.


8 Attachments

Terex Fuchs and Ardennes grab components such as cylinders, rotation motors, pins, bushes, seals, tips, cutting edges, tines and hangers available. Blue Fuchs are also able to supply load hooks, magnets, camera systems, safe load systems, height restrictors, hose rupture valves, cab guards to order giving maximum performance for your Terex Fuchs material handler.

Service Parts

9 Service Parts

Blue Fuchs stock the full range of filters for all Terex Fuchs models, including all oils, grease, tools, batteries, bulbs and other consumables.

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