Terex Fuchs and Ardennes grab components such as cylinders, rotation motors, pins, bushes, seals, tips, cutting edges, tines and hangers available. Blue Fuchs are also able to supply load hooks, magnets, camera systems, safe load systems, height restrictors, hose rupture valves, cab guards to order giving maximum performance for your Terex Fuchs material handler.


Our range of attachments matches our material handlers areas of application in terms of diversity and is suited to a wide range of applications in scrap, recycling, port and timber handling.  

  • Cactus grab (5-shell) from 0.4 m3 to 1.4 m3 for machines from 16 t to 80 t
  • Cactus grab (4-shell) from 0.45 m3 to 1.0 m3 for machines from 16 t to 50 t
  • Materials handling grabs and industrial grabs from 1.875 m3 to 5.0 m3 for machines from 40 t to 80 t
  • Magnets from 950 mm to 2000 mm diameter and DC power generators from 9 kW to 30 kW
  • Log grabs from 0.35 m2 to 1.5 m2
  • Long log grabs from 0.4 m2 to 0.7 m2
  • Load hooks with a lifting capacity between 10 t and 20 t