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Blue Fuchs commonly use Arden S1102B selector grabs and the larger Arden S1402B grab with our Fuchs MHL 320 and MHL 331 on waste specification machines, where often handlers are used for sorting and loading various types of equipment such as shredders and waste systems.   The larger Arden S1702B selector grab is often fitted to our larger Fuchs MHL 335 waste machine.

Additionally, Blue Fuchs utilise the Arden BA 603 clamshell attachment on our Fuchs MHL 360 material handler for all rehandling duties.  Similarly on our larger scale MHL 380 and MHL 385, predominantly port handling machines, the large scale clamshell from Arden, the BA 703 model, is used for large volume rehandling, for example in a ship loading application.

All our Arden attachments come in varying lengths and widths for different capacities to ensure we can offer the correct grab or clamshell to suit your needs 

Contact our team at Blue Fuchs who will be delighted to advise you on the correct attachment for your specific application